Become A Partner

Earn money by reselling our school management software.

We are totally committed to supporting partners who wish to market the Prodigy School Management Software. We are aware of the demand that is out there for a working and reliable school management software. Our partner plan will keep you informed, prepared, and supported through a combination of training, sales/marketing materials, attractive incentives and technical support.

Our system is perfectly positioned in terms of suitability, quality, pricing and after sales support. As a partner, you can easily tap into the huge potential that is out there at very low risk. You can select from the different plans below that suites you.

Referral Plan

By signing up for the referral plan you get 30% off the initial licence amount paid by the school being referred, as commission. No further commission will be received thereafter. The school(s) being referred should be one that you have discussed the product(benefits and pricing) with and have accepted to use our product.

Partnership Plan

Kindly contact us, as we would love to do business with you and answer your questions.

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