Why your school needs an inventory management system

Why your school needs an inventory management system

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Posted on Wed, Jul 31 2019

An inventory management system can help you manage your stock items, keeping track of exactly what your assets are and what they are worth.

With an Inventory Management System, you can track and manage every product/item of your inventory through its entire life span. For schools, you can track whom (an/a) item/product(s) was issued to, in what quantity and the date issued, you can also analyze and spot trends.

Benefits of inventory management system

Inventory management ensures that right amount of inventory (product/items) is available at the right place, at the right time. Find below, a list of benefits of using an inventory management system.

Helps With Organization

It is difficult to know what items/products your school need, when it is needed and in what quantity without tracking. An inventory management system gives you a detailed record of every assets and keeps your school more organized. You can see all the moving parts (products/items issued, commonly issued and purchased) all in one place. Having all this information and capability in one place allow you make information decision about the needs of your school.

Provides Tracking and Transparency

With all assets, items/products constantly being tracked, you can see where your inventory is and what it is worth. You can see where products/items are located in real-time. It also lowers storage overhead by keeping just enough in stock.

Improves Vendor Relationships

With all items being tracked seamlessly, both you and your vendors are kept in-the-know of your ordering needs. This in return will improve the relationship with vendors, keep relation running smooth knowing exactly what is expected

Increases Accountability

Since all items/products are being tracked, you can easily search for a product/item and get a detailed report on when it was stocked, who it was issued to. This would help reduce theft and collusion, and make achieving goals more transparent.

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