Things to take note of when setting classroom assessment on prodigy

Things to take note of when setting classroom assessment on prodigy

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Posted on Tue, Jun 23 2020

Assessment is a key component of learning because it helps students learn. When students are able to see how they are doing in a class, they are able to determine whether or not they understand the lesson that has been taught. Assessment can also help motivate students. If students know they are doing poorly, they may begin to work harder. Assessment allows teachers to see if their teaching has been effective. It also allows teachers to ensure students learn what they need to know in order to meet the course's learning objectives.

The classroom assessment section on the prodigy school portal gives teachers the flexibility and option to give Homework, quizzes, classwork, project etc. It also serves as a grade book to record homework, quiz, classwork, project, test and note scores. This guide will highlight things you should take note of when setting assessment on the prodigy school portal.

The Highlights


The instruction field  is for passing information to the students. What they need to know or how they need to approach the assessment given and not a section to post epistles or notes from Microsoft word. Just make the instruction brief.


Use the attachment field to attach files, documents, video, notes (Microsoft Word Document or PDF). As it makes it easy for students to access and makes your work neat and lesson confusing. Students can download all files attached.


The graded section isn’t compulsory. Selecting Yes under graded section means you want and would have to setup a grading scale for the assessment set. You can always select the No option as not all assessment must be graded.

Part of CA

Not all assessment would be part of a student continuous assessment. Choose yes if you would like the set assessment to be part of the students continuous assessment and No if you would not want it to be part of their CA.


You have the option to specify if the assessment is for specific or all students/pupils. Kindly note that, the ‘all students/pupils’ does not apply to all the students/pupils in the school. Rather, it is all the students/pupils in the class you are setting up assessment for. The specific students/pupils option come in handy if the subject is an elective subject and only certain number of student offer such or it is a make up assessment and you only want certain student to have access to it. The students would be notified accordingly.

Online Response

If you want your students to respond to the assessment you’ve given via the portal (e.g. quiz, classwork, homework, project), Choose Yes. If you want them to submit in the class (physical classroom), online response should be set to no.

Online Response Type

This determine how you want to assess your student. You have to choose between MCQ or DEFAULT.

On selecting MCQ, you would have to set the questions you want your students to attempt. The system would automatically score the students once they submit. 

By selecting DEFAULT, the teacher would be able to go through the uploaded wok done by the students. After which they would be scored and feedback would be given by the teacher.

Start Date

This is the day and time you want the set assessment to be accessible by the students

End Date

This is the day and time set as a deadline for submission / assessing of assessment by the students. After which, submission or attempting of assessment would not be possible as it would be due.


Uploading of class notes directly to classroom assessment isn’t ideal. This can be done under classroom resources section or use the curriculum module to upload note under each week scheme/course outline.

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