Teaching remotely with recorded videos on prodigy

Teaching remotely with recorded videos on prodigy

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Posted on Tue, Jun 23 2020

Recorded videos can also be used to facilitate learning. This approach come under the asynchronous mode of delivery in distance learning. It gives students the flexibility to proceed at their own pace, with the instructor (teacher) only around to evaluate the students. With this approach, teachers also have the flexibility and option to be creative, plan and schedule lessons ahead of time. This guide will focus on uploading a recorded video to virtual class on prodigy.

Uploading a video.


Login to your school portal and navigate to the LMS section.


Click the Virtual Class menu, then Click Lesson.


Click the Manage Lesson button in front of the class whose student you want to schedule a class with.


Click the Create Lesson button. (on PC - at the top right corner. While on Mobile - at the top left corner).


Fill all required fields.

Subject: - Select a subject

Topic: -Type in the topic that the video you want to upload address

Lesson: -Type in the lesson objective. (Personalize it e.g. At the end of this lesson, you should be able to…)

Lesson Type: - Choose Pre Recorded

Once you choose the Pre-Recorded option, you would notice a field to paste the link to the recorded video. This option gives you to flexibility paste the link to a YouTube video or the link to a video on your google drive.

The ‘Click to upload video lesson’ option, gives you the privilege to upload lessons directly to the prodigy school portal from your device. Click the option and you would be prompted to select a video from your device. Once the video has been selected, uploading would start automatically. You would notice the upload progress. It would move from 0-100% after which you would be notified with a success message (if the upload was successful) or error message (If there is something you did wrong). Once the upload is successful, you would notice the field for link to video would be automatically populated.

Participants: - Depending on your preference, you can select all students (the first option) or specific students (search by their name).

Schedule: - Select a date and time for your lesson (When you want your students to have access to the video).

Duration: - Set the duration for your lesson (This can be the duration of the video).

Resource can be an additional learning material you want your students to make reference to. (You ought to have uploaded this to the classroom resource section for it to be available for reference).

Assessment can be any or all of the following: Classwork, homework, project, quiz etc. - You ought to have set these assessment types first under the classroom assessment section. (Multiple assessments can be selected)


Click save. Congratulations. You’ve just scheduled a pre-recorded class. Your students would see this on their calendar as soon as they login to the portal.

Editing and correcting mistakes. E.g. adding more participant to the class.


Click Lesson Details.


Click the Edit Lesson button (on PC - at the top right corner. While on Mobile - at the top left corner). Navigate to the section you want to edit or modify.


Once you’re done, click Save

Accessing the video


Click on Lesson Details.


Scroll past the lesson objectives, Click the Watch Video button. (The Watch Video button would be visible to the students, once it is time for the scheduled lesson. i.e. The lesson is in progress). The video can would still be accessible even after due, unlike the real-time class.

Take note of the following:

  • You can source videos on YouTube, copy and paste the link directly in the appropriate field.
  • Only links to videos pasted to the link field under the pre-recorded option.
  • If there are other resources you would want your students to have access to, kindly use the Classroom Resources section to make it available.
  • If you’ll be uploading videos from your device directly to the portal, it only accepts a maximum of 100mb and in mp4 format.
  • You can also compress large video files using Hand Brake video compressor. Search for tutorial videos on YouTube 

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