Reviewing assessments  on prodigy

Reviewing assessments on prodigy

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Posted on Tue, Jul 07 2020

Asking “students/pupils” to demonstrate their understanding of the subject matter is critical to the learning process; it is essential to evaluate whether the educational goals and standards of the lessons are being met.

The Prodigy School portal gives teachers the flexibility to assess “students/pupils” understanding of subject matter in in different from. These assessments can be in form of Homework, quizzes, classwork, project etc. This guide will focus on reviewing to “students/pupils” assessment on prodigy.

Reviewing assessment.


Login to your school portal and navigate to the LMS section.


Click the Classroom menu, then Click Assessments.


Form the classes listed, pick a class and Click View Subjects.


From the subjects listed, pick a subject and Click Manage Assessments.


Select an assessment category (Homework, Classwork, Quiz, Project etc.), Select an academic session and a “Term/Quarter”. Then Click Proceed


Depending on the assessment category you’ve selected in STEP 5 (e.g. - Homework), Click Manage Homework. Then Click Assess Performance.


Click the View Submissions option to see “students/pupils” response to the assessment (Homework, Classwork, project etc.) given.


After viewing submissions, Navigate to the list of “students/pupils” section (directly below the view submissions section). 

For “students/pupils” whose assessment response you have reviewed, Click the Attempted option and enter the mark obtained. 

By default all "student/pupils" assessment review is set to not attempted. So for those that are yet to attempt, kindly leave them as not attempted.

Type in a feedback on their performance. Repeat the process above for other “students/pupils”. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click save. Congratulations, you’ve successfully reviewed your “students/pupils” assessments.


  1. To generate a marksheet, click the View Marksheet button. (on PC - at the top right corner. While on Mobile - at the top left corner)
  2. For assessments (Homework, Classwork, etc.) whose response type is MCQ – the system would automatically award the mark obtained as soon as the “students/pupils” submit. However, the teacher can still give feedback based on their performance.
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