Remote Teaching and Learning – How Prodigy is helping

Remote Teaching and Learning – How Prodigy is helping

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Posted on Wed, May 27 2020

The outbreak of corona-virus and the enforced lock-down of schools (to reduce the risk of the spread) has forced schools around the world to take various actions in order to continue teaching and learning practice. Schools have embarked and adopted different technological platform to deliver online learning programs to students and also manage some basic operations remotely.

To help schools, PRODIGY has built in solutions which schools can use to conduct remote teaching and learning and manage other operations remotely.

How prodigy is helping

During this period, it is important for schools to continue the teaching process and enable students to access to content form the comfort of their homes. In this article, we’ll explore the different solutions and how schools can use them.

Login to your prodigy portal and navigate to the LMS section of the application. The LMS section houses 3 modules namely: classroom, curriculum and virtual class.

Classroom Module

With the classroom module, teachers schedule assignment, take attendance and give parents feedback on their child(ren) performance. The following features can be found in the classroom module.

  • Attendance:- This enables teachers take online attendance of participants in a class.
  • Assessment:- Teachers can upload and schedule assignment, classwork, project etc. inform of multiple-choice questions or direct response. Students can respond to assignments, classwork and other types of assessment scheduled by the teacher.
  • Discussion:- Teachers can engage and collaborate with students online, respond to questions asked by students.
  • Calendar:- To keep students and teachers up to date with upcoming class activities and scheduled virtual classes.
  • Activities:- To keep parent up to date via weekly report of how their wards are performing.
  • Resources:- An online library where students can access learning resources uploaded by the teachers

Curriculum Module

This provide teachers with the tool to plan their course work over a period of time. The following features can be found in the curriculum module.

  • Scheme:- Teachers can upload course work and notes for students to download.
  • Weeks Calendar:- Schedule and plan course work based on weeks.

Virtual Class Module

With the virtual class module, teachers have the flexibility to schedule a real-time class or upload a recorded lesson. The following features can be found in the virtual class module.

  • Lesson:- Teachers schedule a real-time class for students to join for remote teaching or upload recorded lessons for students to access at a time convenient for them.
  •  Studio:- This is a feature with basic scree, video and audio recording functionality.. Teachers can use this feature prepare their recorded lessons.

For more information and further questions on how you can adopt this as a school, contact PRODIGY SCHOOL SOLUTION.

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