Prodigy Unified Classroom Solution

Prodigy Unified Classroom Solution

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Posted on Thu, Jul 15 2021

Prodigy unified Classroom solution is a comprehensive set of tools that helps schools improve student performance and empower educators.  With support for data-driven teaching and learning and an integrated student assessment and reporting, teachers can better prepare to build and deliver whole-child instruction to every student.

Key features of the prodigy unified classroom solution

  • Attendance
  • Class Activity Report
  • Class Assessment (Homework, projects, quiz, notes, etc.) and grade book
  • Weekly assessment report and progress monitor
  • Classroom resources
  • Discussion group
  • Class Calendar
  • Integration with prodigy virtual class
  • Integration with Prodigy Records

Benefits of the prodigy unified classroom solution

Teachers get more time to focus on what matters

The unified classroom helps teachers keep their content and learning resources in one place. Teachers stay productive and focus more on teaching as assessments are automatically graded and reports automatically generated hence providing teachers with a more efficient approach to monitoring students' progress and adjusting instruction.

The student easily access their learning resources

With the unified classroom, all students' assessments are in one place. This helps students stay organized, focus and spend more time learning than looking for assignments or test.

School administrators and leaders can make data-driven decisions that impact instruction

With a comprehensive view of students' data, it is easier to understand what is impacting students' performance and determine teachers' effectiveness.

Parents and guardians can focus on their child progress

With the unified classroom, parents can engage with their child's entire learning experience. Parents have visibility into assessments (Homework, projects, quizzes, etc.) classroom activities, and many more. With an automated weekly assessment report, parents/guardians get to know the progress of their child weekly.

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