Prodigy School Enrollment Solution

Prodigy School Enrollment Solution

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Posted on Tue, Aug 31 2021

Prodigy school enrolment solution provides a streamlined and efficient way to manage school admission processes online. With this solution, schools can take control of their admission and registrations, create more efficient admissions processes, reduce time spent on administrative tasks, and fully automate record-keeping.

From the school portal, parents can access the admission form quickly and easily, complete the registration process, as well as pay for the admission forms online anytime and anywhere in the world.

Key Features

  • Online admission form
  • Online payment
  • Automatic synchronization of data with the School Information System
  • Realtime reporting to track and monitor enrollment
  • Automated and personalized email and SMS notification to staff and parent/guardian

Benefits of the enrollment solution

The prodigy school enrollment has a range of administrative features that enables the admission team to:

  • Track applications both online and offline
  • Manage the registration of multiple students using details submitted in one single form
  • Send personalized email and SMS to parents/guardians
  • Accept payments online
  • Project prospective students/pupils numbers
  • Plan for the academic year
  • Manage inquiry from multiple school location
  • Monitor conversions with reporting and analytics

Find out how our school enrollment solution can help streamline your student enrolment process, wherever you are. Contact us at Prodigy School Solutions to get a personalized one-on-one demo.