Prodigy Computer Based Examination Solution

Prodigy Computer Based Examination Solution

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Posted on Thu, Sep 09 2021

Prodigy offers schools the best computer-based software to conduct exams both online and offline. Schools can conduct internal school examinations, external examinations, e.g. entrance examinations, and staff recruitment tests.

Key features

  • Multiple exams taking place simultaneously
  • An easy method of uploading questions
  • Support for mathematical expressions, symbols, equations, and formulas
  • Support polar(yes/no, true/false), multiple-choice, and essay questions
  • Support images in question and options
  • Auto-generation of exam number for candidates
  • Allows questions and option shuffling
  • Automated and immediate grading of candidates with instant viewing of results
  • Real-time exam monitoring and proctoring via webcams
  • Accessible on all devices (mobile phones, tablets, and PCs) with browser
  • Multiple accounts for exam officers
  • Exam timing
  • Can be used for an external exam (entrance examination and staff recruitment test) as well as an internal school examination

The prodigy computer-based examination solution also provides a detailed exam report giving schools insight into how many questions have been asked, how many questions have been answered, how many questions are answered correctly answered, how many points have a candidate gathered in an exam taken.

Furthermore, a school can determine who will be allowed to take an exam, when a candidate will be allowed to start the exam, How many times a candidate will be allowed to take each exam. Also, schools can require a candidate to have a web camera to take an exam. During the exam, the candidate's video can be recorded or random photos can be taken.

Find out how our computer-based exam solution can help streamline school examination and staff recruitment process, on-premise and remotely. Contact us at Prodigy School Solutions to get a personalized one-on-one demo.