Managing notifications on prodigy

Managing notifications on prodigy

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Posted on Sun, Jun 21 2020

Communication is very essential in a modern school system. It is a process of passing information from one person to another. On the prodigy school portal, communication happens via different channels (internal Message, email and SMS). However, it is important that no information is lost especially when not logged in to your account on the portal. Hence the need for a notification system.

On the prodigy school portal, the notification system keeps you up to date with information that concerns you. An instant notification is accompanied by a unique bell sound and an information box that pops up at the top right corner of your device. This fades away after 5 seconds.

Notifications can be overwhelming when it has piled up. (e.g. having over 50 notifications, which happens when you ignore them as they come up). Also, the sound and the pop up can be distracting when you are engaged with a task.

This guide will focus on how to disable/silent notification on your prodigy account.


Login to the prodigy school portal and navigate to the Human resource section


Click Account, then Click Notification


Click the Settings button (on PC - at the top right corner. While on Mobile - at the top left corner)


Select a status (Enable/Disable). For the purpose of this guide, Choose Disable


Click save. Congratulations, you’ve successfully silent notification on your account.

Note: Setting notification status to disable does not totally get rid of notification, it just puts it on silent. i.e. no more notification bell sound and pop ups. You would still be able to see the notification count at the top right corner of your device.

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