Making Staff Inactive on Prodigy

Making Staff Inactive on Prodigy

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Posted on Thu, Jun 03 2021

School staff plays important role in ensuring students are learning in a safe and supportive learning environment. However, staff might leave the school for reasons best known and this makes the staff inactive. It is best to move such staff from being active to inactive.

The steps below guides on how to move staff to inactive:

Step 1: Log in to the school portal

Step 2: Navigate to the Administrative section on the main menu

Step 3: Click Staff (A menu under Administrative)

Step 4: Click Manage Staff (Sub-menu of Staff)

This shows the list of all active staff

Step 5: Click the checkbox by the left side of the preferred staff

Step 6: Click the share icon in red at the top right specifying Move

Step 7: Select status as Inactive

Step 8: Select the Move Condition (select the condition why staff will be inactive)

Step 9: State the Reason

Step 10: Click Save

Congratulations! You have successfully moved staff to inactive