How To View Orders On Prodigy Cafeteria

How To View Orders On Prodigy Cafeteria

Read Time: 3 minutes

Posted on Wed, Jul 14 2021

Prodigy Cafeteria's dashboard gives an overview of orders placed. Information on orders placed is presented in a comprehensive and detailed way to make quick decisions and respond fast.

The following are steps to view orders on Prodigy cafeteria:

Step 1:

Click Cafeteria (a menu under Mart).

Step 2:

Click Dashboard (A sub-menu of Cafeteria).

Prodigy Cafeteria Dashboard gives the following information:

  • Total order (total number of orders placed)
  • Total processing (total number of order treated or processed)
  • Total approved (total of number orders approved)
  • Total declined (total number of orders not approved)
  • A list (Cafeteria Order list)

Note: To streamline orders to any date of interest, click the ORDER CALENDAR button at the top right corner of the page.