Granting Access To Fee Payment Cancellation

Granting Access To Fee Payment Cancellation

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Posted on Sun, Jun 06 2021

To control which users can access certain content on prodigy, access must first be granted. Permission is assigned to individual users based on their roles on the portal. Generally, until access is assigned to a module and menu, it is invisible to the user. When it comes to applying fee payment made checks and balances must be in place to reduce mistakes to the minimum and frustrate fraud. On issues like fee payment cancellation, the management of the school must be aware of such action before it is initiated.

Follow the step below to enable/disable access to fee payment cancellation

Step 1: Log in to the school portal and navigate to the Finance section on the main menu

Step 2: Click Fees (a menu under Finance)

Step 3: Click Fee access (a sub-menu of Fees)

Step 4: Locate the academic session and term/quarter of interest. Click Enable or Disable depending on the access to be given

Step 5: Click Save

Congratulations!, you've successfully enabled/disabled access to cancellation of payment already applied.