Exploring Prodigy Mart - A parent guide

Exploring Prodigy Mart - A parent guide

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Posted on Mon, Sep 13 2021

Prodigy Mart is an online marketplace that features a cafeteria and store. The online marketplace offers parents the convenience of buying items such as food items from the school cafeteria, uniforms, and stationaries from the school store using any device (mobile phone or PC) with internet access.


The cafeteria offers parents the convenience to pre-order food items (as breakfast or lunch) for their children in school from the comfort of their homes or offices. The school takes care of the delivery of the pre-ordered food items. This gives the parent the ability to monitor what their child is eating while at school.


Parents can purchase school materials ranging from uniforms, textbooks, stationery, etc at their convenience online while the school takes care of the delivery.


1. The online marketplace is powered by a cashless payment system. Therefore parents are expected to fund their wallets before a purchase can be made. See How parent can fund their wallet on Prodigy

2. Parents can purchase items on behalf of a child. To do this, a parent would have to transfer a specific amount to a child's wallet. See How to transfer fund to a child wallet

3. Once it is confirmed that a child has enough amount in his/her wallet, a parent can go ahead to place an order for food items from the cafeteria or buy school items from the store

4. Parents have the privilege to set a spending limit for their ward. This is to control spending and encourage financial management. See How to set wallet spending limit for a child as a parent

Note: Always check out your orders after placing them from the cafeteria or the store.