Entering result on prodigy

Entering result on prodigy

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Posted on Mon, Jul 20 2020

Reports form an integral link between the home and school. Reports enable parents to determine whether their child(ren) are coping or not. The symbols, scores or marks of “pupils/students”, helps parent devise possible methods of improving their child(ren) performance or even to sustain good performance.

This guide will focus on entering (Half term/quarter, end of term/quarter, mock, IGCSE etc.) results on prodigy.


Login to your school portal and navigate to the ACADEMICS section.


Click the Result menu, then Click Enter Result.


Form the assessments listed (Half term, Mock, Midterm, End of Quarter etc.), pick an assessment and Click Enter Result.


Select the following:

Session – Academic Session, 

Term or Quarter – Depending on your school setting

Class – Based of the classes assigned to you

Assessment Option - (Cognitive, Progress, Affective etc.) one of the following.

Result Option – (Per Subject or Per Class) depending on your permission and preference.


Per Subject Option:

From the subjects listed, pick a subject and click Enter Result.

Per “Student/Pupil” Option:

From the “pupils/students” listed, pick a "pupil/student" and click Enter Result.


Direct Score Entry:

Enter the score for each assessment specified based on performance per subject (for each “student/pupil” listed) or per “student/pupil” (for each subject listed).

Scroll to the bottom of the page, then Click Save.

Import score from classroom assessments:

This option is only available if you have linked classroom assessment to final assessment (see how to).

If you’ve already linked the classroom assessments to final assessments under LMS – Classroom – Assessments, Click the Import Score from Classroom button, then click proceed. This action would automatically import and save scores from the classroom assessment based on the percentage you’ve set.

Congratulations, you’ve successfully entered and saved result on prodigy.

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