Classroom Beyond Walls - schooling in lockdown

Classroom Beyond Walls - schooling in lockdown

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Posted on Mon, Jul 27 2020

With schools still on lockdown across the country and other parts of the world, some educators have adapted to using EdTech tools and platforms to stay connected with their students and parent while preparing students for a smooth transition back to school. In this article, we’ll share our observations on the current situation, the role EdTech solutions and thoughts on future of education.

The role of EdTech solutions.

The pandemic has forced schools across the country to take the digital leap and implement remote learning; using video conferencing and online platforms to share resources with students.

While a few schools have commenced teaching and learning online, a good number of schools have totally shutdown operation while awaiting the suspension of the lockdown to resume operation. With schools having to prepare for an element of remote learning, there is need to find suitable and scalable EdTech solutions that are fit for purpose.

With cloud-based solutions like Prodigy School Management Software, teachers can do more than just present content. This solution empowers teachers to apply distance learning principles in full – using video conferencing to deliver lessons, discussion forums to interact with students, upload recorded videos, annotate lesson materials, create quizzes and other kind of assessments, give feedback in real-time to engage students and give structure to their day.

Lesson materials uploaded by the teachers can be accessed remotely after lesson by the students and their parents. This allow students the flexibility to engage with the curriculum and revisit subjects at a time convenient.

The Hybrid strategy

Education demands innovation in this unprecedented time. It is essential for educators to find a balance between traditional and online teaching strategies. EdTech tools does not necessarily have to replace physical teaching, rather these tools can be used to complement and enhance traditional teaching methods through what is known hybrid teaching.

Hybrid teaching is an educational strategy which combines online teaching with traditional classroom methods. EdTech has proved effective in creating blended learning environment for students. The challenge now is to scale up this solution to accommodate other students who are not currently engaged with learning.

Remote learning seems to be the thriving option due to the lockdown of schools as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Meanwhile, there is a considerable difference in the number of students engaged, as a good number categorized as the disadvantaged students do not have access to the internet and electronic devices such as laptop, smart phone they can access online classes with.

The future of education

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced educators to react; adopting distance learning strategies in delivering lessons using EdTech solutions. As the government begin to ease the lockdown there is a need to look at the long-term future of education. It is clear that EdTech would play a greater role in the post COVID world.

Technology can help the education system overcome the physical limitations posed by the COVID-19 pandemic and any other challenge/outbreak that might occur in future. EdTech tools and platforms provides students with live teacher interaction and diversified learning. It is time for the EdTech providers and educators to work together to navigate the best possible learning outcomes for future generations.

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